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Being a mom of 6, I know how hard it is to go shopping in a store. So this idea of small town shopping at your fingertips, creating a wonderful experience online of hand selected items that will not only fit in your closet but also fit your budget!!

As a youngster I was a tom boy through and through, hair up in a pony, gym clothes on and always playing a sport!! As I got older fashion jumped on my radar. It became apparent that I loved clothes. I worked several jobs to buy exactly what I wanted and loved. In college I decided to pursue a degree in Biology eventually wanted to go to medical school and be a doctor and move back home to my small town and be the local doctor and also be a local rancher. As always God has a different plan. I wasn’t accepted to medical school (FAIL #1) and instead started a family and got married! (WIN #1) I guess scrubs weren’t a part of my fashion choice!

My family quickly expanded and so did my sense of fashion. My looks obviously changed over the years being a mother of boys. Because I stayed home and lived in a rural community, I caught myself looking at boutiques online  for inspiration and of course to expand my wardrobe.

People around town were always asking where I bought my clothes and why/how I put that outfit together. BOOM!! The idea lit up in my overwhelmed head but that little idea made me feel something, made my heart pound and my mind wander. I asked my mom and she said ‘no, are you crazy’!! I was expected my fourth child at the time, so instead of nesting I was creating a boutique in my mind! Overnight (FAIL #2) I became a name, logo, and an online store. I scraped up some money and so “it” began.

I lived 30 miles from town, so I started doing a pop up store in an apartment. Fast forward a little. I have lived, tried, tested, learned, failed  and worked hard. (WIN #2) Do I have it perfected or together, NO. Am I willing to try, YES. Since opening in the Spring of 2014, being a stay at home mom of 6 crazy boys and ranching seemed to be the easiest part and most important part of my life. While I still learn everyday, I hope to stay true to myself and make people feel incredible in their outfit from Blonde Streak Boutique.

I am up front and honest. If your email isn’t answered within minutes, I’m probably making a snack, pitching a baseball, or just being a mom. 

My passion is to serve you and create something beautiful, something unique, something perfect and something just for you!! 

I am Shye, a girl who loves clothes and accessories, who loves to watch people have clothes on that they love and that makes them feel happy. The clothes you wear can make or break your attitude toward yourself. So as a admirer of the fashion world, why not make women feel strong and confident in what they wear!

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