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A No phone zone!!

Shye Coulter

Posted on March 05 2015

Everyone lives their life through their phones!!! I'm completely at fault for always being on my phone. My excuse is that I'm working!! Well I'm not always working, sometimes I get caught up on the crazy facebook, instagram, social media stuff. I have recently learned a few things this last week. I gave birth to a beautiful 4th baby boy via cesarean, so the hospital recovery time allowed me to take an excessive amount of newborn pictures and share them because that is just how proud a new mom can be!!! Not long after I got back my phone was dropped and the front screen fell off. It has been 5 days without my phone and I'm going crazy. Ever thought how you got by without calling the husband on your way somewhere and discussing who is getting who from school. Well without a phone you must DRIVE and TALK to that person. . .in person!! Also, when I wanted to post some thoughts or new clothes on the website these last few days, I couldn't!! Did it kill me, almost!! But I also had a 2 hour conversation with my oldest son every night this week, with no distractions!! He loved it and I loved it! Just a reminder, having a conversation in person could mean the world to someone. . .and it keeps yourself reminded that speaking out loud could get your insanely crazy day, maybe back to where it should be. Life goes by in a blink of an eye, facebook could keep those pretty amazing captured moments in a file but to live them in person without anyone knowing about it is much more rewarding!! I still need to get a PHONE!!!


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